Winterize Your Car

In South Alabama the cold comes and goes, but you still need to be prepared for the winter. To avoid car troubles, schedule a tune-up and be sure to get regular oil changes. Its better to change your oil more frequently then spend thousands of dollars replacing your motor or purchasing a new car. We want you to be prepared for the winter, here is what Consumer Reports recommends you do:

Maintain Visibility.
If your car windshield wipers leave streaks or the rubber blade begins to show signs of cracking, its time to get a new set of wipers. To maintain them, on early mornings when your windshield has that small layer of ice on it DONT use your wipers. Use a ice scraper instead, to preserve the longevity of your wipers.

The Right Oil.
Engine oil will thicken when it’s cold outside. This makes it harder for the engine to work. Check you owners manual for the manufactures recommendation, but generally speaking you should use a multi viscosity oil that has is formulated for winter use.

Have your Vital Fluids checked.
This means engine, coolant, transmission, brakes, power steering, & windshield wiper fluids. We check all fluid levels FREE of charge while your in for repairs.

Maintenance on hoses and belts. 
Belts & hoses can get worn spots, soft spots, bulging areas, cracks, or begin shredding. These need to be replaced once it occurs. We carry Gates Belts and Hoses in our Parts Department.

Battery Prep.
Make sure your battery cables are securely attached to the the terminals and battery posts are cleaned. If your battery is not fully charged, have it professionally tested. If your battery is more than five years old, consider replacing it. We carry Interstate Batteries in our parts department.

If your car pulls to one side when you brake, or if you hear any girding noises or feel unusual vibrations when you apply the brakes, then they probably need to be replaced. At Gibson Auto, we carry all brands of brake parts and hardware to fit your vehicle.

Appropriate Tires. 
Partially worn tires reduce your ability to stop or get going in snowy or wet driving conditions. Winter tires have tread patterns and compounds that are specifically designed to grip snow and ice for good traction on slippery roads. We sell ALL brands of tires. Our technicians can mount, balance, repair, & align your tires.